Cosmos® Features

  • Ease of Use

    WYSIWYG Content editors, drag and drop file uploading.

  • Customisation

    Ability to define bespoke pages for content organisation, consistency and searching.

  • Licensing

    One off domain level license. Optional support.

  • SEO

    Sitemaps, Search engine friendly URLs and full social media support.

  • Content Versioning

    Page history with staging options and 3 layers of history.

  • Remote Access

    Web based system can be accessed anywhere with any device.

  • Extensibility

    A range of optional plug-in modules are available. Developers can build bespoke additions.

  • Multi-language Options

    Support for multiple languages.

  • Access Control

    User and group management for access control.
    Moderated folders on a per folder basis.

  • HTML/PHP Templates

    Flexible, dynamic templates to enable consist look and feel and ease of updating. Separated content/design means sites can be easily re-skinned.

  • Training & Support

    On site training and telephone support.

Cosmos Document Creation